Ambev Brewery Tweaks Beer Names to Highlight Effects of Drinking

Ambev Brewery’s visually perplexing campaign spotlights subtly revamped beer names. Designed in collaboration with ad agency SunsetDDB, the Brazilian-based brewing company hopes to highlight the inebriating effects of drinking. The campaign boasts subtly misspelled beer names — ‘Sltela Atrios,’ ‘Bwedusier,’ ‘Cronoa.’ The incorrect spelling is plastered across posters with hyper-realistic bottles.

In addition, the beer labels themselves have committed to participating in the awareness-raising activation as they temporarily switched their labels to reflect the misspelled version. The aim of the campaign was not revealed to drinkers until the day after. This is a particularly powerful activation as it borders very closely on reality and plays with the human perception, accurately reflecting how “a person might see when intoxicated” and why it is not safe to drive, for example.

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