TYROLIT Finds a Thematically Appropriate Way to Boast Its Product

Manufacturer TYROLIT showcases the extreme durability and high performance of its product with a mysterious metal billboard. Executed in collaboration with ad agency Heimat Wien Austria, the marketing technique is meant to draw consumer attention to TYROLIT’s Iceline knives.

Unlike traditional billboard-based campaigns, this one does not make a permanent imprint on consumer consciousness immediately. In fact, the activation is quite sensitive to time. The full experience is played out in a total of 30 days. For the first few days, the metal billboard seems to be blank. However, as time progresses, it slowly begins to rust, ultimately forming the outline of a TYROLIT knife and the headline “FLAWLESS. FOREVER.” underneath.

This is most definitely an incredibly clever campaign that surely captures the attention of passers-by.

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