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Fanny Pack Coolers : wearable cooler

Fanny Pack Coolers : wearable cooler


Fanny Pack Coolers : wearable cooler


Smirnoff Ice Created a Wearable Cooler for Street Parties

While fanny packs go in and out of fashion every few years, there’s no denying the practicality and convenience that the styles offer—and Smirnoff Ice created a wearable cooler to help people enjoy street parties with refreshingly cold drinks. Currently, bum bags inspired by the 90s are back in style and have been spotted on many major runways. Smirnoff Ice is now offering a fun take on this fashion staple with its Bum Bag Cooler, which is insulated and has the capacity to fit two Smirnoff Ice cans and ice to keep them cold. Since Smirnoff Ice was created in the 90s, the Bum Bag Cooler offers an additional nod to the product’s roots.

As bum bags are often seen at Brazil’s famous carnival celebrations, this hands-free cooler gives people a chance to keep themselves looking cool and feeling refreshed.


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