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Elvira Gavrilova and Amillidius created a project to support homeless animals

Help homeless animals by the Amillidius AC


Elvira Gavrilova and Amillidius created a project to support homeless animals

Cruelty to animals, unfortunately, is an acute problem in modern society. Until 2006, no law in Ukraine would protect the rights of our little friends. The Law “On the Protection of Animals from Cruelty” was passed 15 years ago, but despite the criminal liability, sad cases of cruelty to defenseless animals continue to occur everywhere. We see examples of extreme human cruelty towards animals every day on the web and television. Obviously, there is not enough state protection, so animal rights activists come to the rescue.

The problem of cruelty to animals exists not only in Ukraine. Today, all over the world, famous personalities: businessmen, stars, Hollywood actors, and influencers stand up for animal rights, thereby bringing society accountable for our little friends. There are many such examples: Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Ian Somerhalder, Pamela Anderson, Moby. All these people not only donate for the construction and maintenance of shelters but also prevent the extinction of endangered species, fight against the use of natural fur, and improve the environment in general.

International marketing company Amillidius fully supports these initiatives and has decided to organize its own social project to help homeless animals. The mastermind behind the project and co-owner of the Amillidius AC, Elvira Gavrilova, and her team visited the shelter for homeless animals Kovcheg in Odessa. Learning from its owner Anastasiya Khimchenko-Levadko about the hard fate of animals, Elvira Gavrilova decided to create her social project to help homeless animals.

About the project

Children with their pets took part in the Amillidius social project to help homeless animals. The main task of the project is to show how important it is to bring up in children love for our little friends from early years. The photo and video project shows, how great the affection and love between children and their pets are. It is how people should treat our little friends, like the heroes of the social project by Amillidius and Elvira Gavrilova.

They took part in the project:

Karina Simonyan

Karina Simonyan. Welshkorgi dog, named Vector

Maria Kzhemanovskaya

Maria Kzhemanovskaya. Rabbit Dachshund dogs, named Vicky and Vendi

Mark Maskalev and Liza Maskaleva

Mark Maskalev and Liza Maskaleva. American Bully dog, named Andy

Anna Astrieiko

Anna Astrieiko. Yorkshire terrier dog, named Chica

Vasilisa Shvets

Vasilisa Shvets. Xoloitzcuintle dog, named Michel

Andrey Rakul and Pavel Rakul

Andrey Rakul and Pavel Rakul. Colorpoint Persian Cat, named Lyuks

Matvey Yermakov, Samira Yermakova, Anastasiya Yermakova, Mark Yermakov

Matvey Yermakov, Samira Yermakova, Anastasiya Yermakova, Mark Yermakov. Yorkshire Terrier dog, named Tisha

Anastasiya Kovaleva

Anastasiya Kovaleva. Burmese cat, named Dominicana or Nica

Angelina Novikova

Angelina Novikova. Chihuahua dog, named Simba

Darya Horoshko

Darya Horoshko. A cat, named Glasha

One shelter for homeless animals that needs your help and support is Kovcheg, and the first initiative of Amillidius is to help this shelter.

Shelter for homeless animals Kovcheg

Fin. help: 5168 7573 7411 3506 (Anastasiya Khimchenko-Levadko)

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