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Eyelash-Previewing Apps : selector app

Eyelash-Previewing Apps : selector app


Eyelash-Previewing Apps : selector app

Deka Lash’s Lash Selector App Visualizes Different Styles & Colors

Thanks to various beauty apps, it’s now possible to preview a range of hairstyles, makeup products and jewelry pieces, and Deka Lash is taking this concept one step further with its Lash Selector App. This interactive application gives clients the power to see what eyelashes of different colors, styles and densities look like when applied, supporting what the brand calls a “look before you lash” experience. The Lash Selector gives users the option to see how different lashes look on various models.

As Deka Lash provides semi-permanent eyelash extensions, this convenient tool helps to get clients familiar with the exact end results they can expect from its trained and licensed lash artists. As well as being a useful tool for clients themselves, the app also has the potential to be integrated into client consultations.

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