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Folded Pop-Up Vinyl Packaging : Decemberists

Folded Pop-Up Vinyl Packaging : Decemberists


Folded Pop-Up Vinyl Packaging : Decemberists


The Decemberists: I’ll Be Your Girl Package Features Bright Graphics

The Decemberists’ album ‘I’ll Be Your Girl’ arrives in a special paperboard boxset package that also functions as an intricately detailed pop-up book. It functions like a rigid slipcase that holds the vinyl records in a way that lifts it up when the pages are bent, turning it into a dimensional geometric pinwheel structure for an inviting and interactive packaging experience.

This design allows for creative exploration in addition to the pop-up looks, page-turning features, and die-cuts, which have all been laser-cut for precision and hand-glued. In addition to the fun packaging, it also comes with an autographed booklet and an ‘Illimat’ card hidden within the box which is an original card game created by the Decemberists.


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