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Fostylen: Elvira Gavrilova announced the rebranding of her Financoff business gloss

Fostylen is the new name of the Financoff magazine


Fostylen: Elvira Gavrilova announced the rebranding of her Financoff business gloss

Elvira Gavrilova, chief editor and co-owner of the popular international Financoff magazine has officially announced its renaming to Fostylen. It is reported that the main concept of the magazine will remain, and the new name is needed to better reflect the content familiar and beloved by readers in different countries: articles about life and style under the “luxury” label.

“It will be even brighter, more interesting, with wider distribution” – Elvira Gavrilova about Fostylen.

The first Fostylen issue is already in print

Elvira Gavrilova said that at the moment the rebranding procedure can be considered complete. Financoff business gloss has turned into Fostylen lifestyle magazine – about business, politics, finance, fashion, and family with an emphasis on the luxury segment. “We have long gone beyond the topics of business, investment, and politics,” Elvira stated in her social networks. “We write a lot and with pleasure about fashion, luxury real estate, luxury cars, and yachts, in general, about everything that falls into the definition of “lifestyle”. Changing the name in such conditions was a logical decision and did not entail any other significant changes. “The team is still the same, I still lead it, the frequency of release is still 1 month,” the chief editor noted. She listed some updates awaiting readers: the topic of the issue will be expanded, the characters will be revealed even more fully from various angles, and connoisseurs of beauty, owners of exquisite taste, and luxury lovers may expect many new headings.

In fact, only the name changes, everything else is a natural process, says Elvira Gavrilova, because self-improvement is a necessary condition for moving forward. “Fostylen will be even brighter, more stylish, and accessible in more countries,” the chief editor of the publication assures, and we have no reason to doubt her words. The first issue of the updated edition is in print and we look forward to its going on sale.

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