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Free-From Canned Meat Packaging : BPA-Free cans

Free-From Canned Meat Packaging : BPA-Free cans


Free-From Canned Meat Packaging : BPA-Free cans


Keystone Meats will Use BPA-Free Cans for its Meat Products

Bisphenol-A, also known as BPA, has quickly become a chemical that no consumer wants near their food, so brands are responding with new initiatives as seen with the Keystone Meats BPA-free cans.

The cans are made with 100% recyclable aluminum that can be infinitely recycled without losing any integrity or quality, which also makes it a more sustainable choice. The new initiative from the brand can be observed across the entirety lineup of products ranging from beef to soups.

President of Keystone Meats Pete Dorley addressed the new BPA-free cans saying, “We’ve been working towards non-BPA cans for quite some time and are happy to continue using sustainable, 100 percent recyclable cans. We pride ourselves on making wholesome products that are good for the consumer and the environment.”


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