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Free-From Morning Oat Cereals

Free-From Morning Oat Cereals


Free-From Morning Oat Cereals

The Rx A.M. Oats Packets are one of the latest product offerings from RxBar that will provide consumers with a way to enjoy enhanced nutrition in the morning before starting the day. The product contains the same ingredients as the brand’s Oats Cups and come in boxes of five single-serve packs in two flavors including Cinnamon Spice and Maple. The oats contain 10 grams of protein along with five grams of fiber each.Director of Marketing at Rx Julia Adams spoke on the new Rx A.M. Oats Packets saying, “While our Rx A.M. Oats Cups are great for taking on the go, we’re always evolving to meet our fans’ needs and new Rx A.M. Oats Packets are the perfect example. We know people are eating more breakfasts at home and cutting down trips to the grocery store, so we created this new format to allow for buying and storing in bulk without taking up too much valuable real estate in the pantry.”

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