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Frozen Sports Drink Refreshments

Frozen Sports Drink Refreshments


Frozen Sports Drink Refreshments

The Powerade Sports Freezer Bars are being launched by The Coca-Cola Company in collaboration with The Jel Sert Company to offer consumers a new way to quench their thirst this summer. The bars come in two flavor options including Fruit Punch and Mountain Berry, which are both formulated with B vitamins as well as the brand’s electrolyte solution ION4. This is reported to replenish the electrolytes lost in sweat and help increase hydration capabilities.Senior Manager, Food Licensing at The Coca-Cola Company John Larson spoke on the new Powerade Sports Freezer Bars saying, “We are very excited to bring Powerade to consumers in a new and refreshing way in the form of freezer bars. We know we’ll have great success with our partners at Jel Sert as we deliver this innovation to sports drink consumers.”

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