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Fruity Water Infusion Products : Tetley Cold Infusions

Fruity Water Infusion Products : Tetley Cold Infusions


Fruity Water Infusion Products : Tetley Cold Infusions


Tetley Cold Infusions is Launching in Nine Flavor Varieties

Many consumers are seeking to avoid sugary soft drinks and juices in favor of healthier refreshment alternatives, which is seeing brands respond with products like Tetley Cold Infusions. Positioned as a fruity water enhancement product, the solution has been developed especially for use in cold water to add a burst of flavor that doesn’t require any prior preparation. The product comes in nine flavor options and is competitively priced to make it as applicable for savvy shoppers as possible.

The product will be supported this summer by an extensive marketing campaign, and was further explained by Marketing Manager for Tetley Cold Infusions Cassie Shuttlewood who said, “Tetley is one of two major brands in this area and as distribution and awareness grows it looks set to be an exciting summer for Cold Infusions. This is our second summer season for the range which has already delivered over £0.8m in sales in 12 months.”


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