DKNY recently released its newest fragrance, Be Delicious, and to promote the new product among Gen Zs and Millennials, the brand has launched a voice-activated sampling service. Consumers can order a sample of the fragrance to their homes through Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa by saying “send me a sample for DKNY Be Delicious.”

Not only will this activation be popular among younger generations, but the metrics behind the campaign can also help the brand better track its core demographic. “While traditional sampling allows us to get into the hands of consumers on the streets and in-store, activating our advertising voice-led sampling will allow us to reach a more targeted audience,” said ADF Fragrances’ Product Manager, Ilektra Fotopoulou.

This digitally savvy campaign speaks to a new style of marketing where consumers can engage directly with their smartphones to access their favorite brands.

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