Camper-sharing platform PaulCamper has introduced glow-in-the-dark levelers called the PaulCamper Glow Blocks. The levelers make your camper van or motorhome shine and stand-out, so that it can be easily located. As any camper van enthusiast might reckon: finding your campervan back at a dark campsite can be a difficult task.

The product is perfect for a remote place in a forest, a crowded festival campsite, or just about anywhere else where nighttime lighting may be scarce. The The product’s introduction is an effort of PaulCamper to offer more to the camper community.

The Glow Blocks can carry a weight of 5 tons and have a wide grip to hold the tires securely. It also has three levels that are made of anti-corrosive materials. The glow-in-the-dark effect is created by aluminum plates with special coating, which results in a light intensity of 500MCD, offering bright light for 8 hours.

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