The Yaar Nordic Quark Bars are Covered in a Sweet Coating

The Yaar Nordic Quark Bars have been launched in the UK by the brand as a satisfying snack product that aims to disrupt the dairy category with a premium product that’s ready for on-the-go consumption. Set to be found in the refrigerated section, the bars come in three flavor options including Caramel, Cloudberry and Toffee, which are each covered in Caramel, Belgian milk chocolate and a toffee glaze, respectively. The products are positioned as an alternative to traditional cakes, chocolates, yogurts and biscuits to deliver an indulgent taste experience that’s also highly convenient.

The Yaar Nordic Quark Bars were explained by Founder Andrei Garbuz who said, “Yaar was launched to disrupt the dairy category by bringing a brand new handheld dairy snack bar to UK consumers. With the introduction of the UK’s first quark bars, we are creating a new category and offering spoon-free dairy snacking on-the-go in an accessible, convenient and tasty format.”

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