The Cawston Press Sparkling Orange Pays Homage to Orange Soda

The Cawston Press Sparkling Orange is positioned as new flavor from the UK-based drink brand that will offer adult consumers with a way to enjoy the classic flavor of orange soda in a mature way.

The drink is completely free of added sugar, artificial sweeteners and concentrated ingredients, and simply consists of freshly squeezed orange juice, sparkling water, Seville orange puree, bitter orange extracts and pressed apple juice. This makes it a beneficial beverage that contains just 83 calories per can, which will be welcomed by consumers seeking a free-from refreshment varsity.

The inspiration behind the Cawston Press Sparkling Orange was explained by Managing Director Steve Kearns who said, “For many of us, the words fizzy orange bring back happy childhood memories. But to our adult palates, most of them taste syrupy and cloying. By swapping out the added sugar and fake stuff, and balancing sweet against bitter, we’ve given fizzy orange a much-needed makeover.”

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