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Highly Recyclable Dairy Packaging

Highly Recyclable Dairy Packaging


Highly Recyclable Dairy Packaging

The Faerch ‘Eco HotPro’ food packaging has been unveiled by the brand for hot fill food applications to allow for high-temperature sterilization (HTS) and more. Targeted towards the dairy industry, the pot-style packaging features a mono-PET construction that is made with up to 75% post-consumer content without compromising when it comes to functionality. The pots are also highly recyclable to make them suitable for proper disposal after use.CEO of Faerch UK Spencer Johnston spoke on the new Faerch ‘Eco HotPro’ food packaging saying, “We are seeing the key players in the Dairy market across Europe taking their responsibility very seriously to move towards more sustainable packaging solutions. With the large volumes they place into the market and their demanding functional requirements, like high-temperature sterilization, the transition towards circularity is not an easy task for dairies. Circularity in food packaging is not a distant vision for us, it is reality already today: We manufacture food containers from recycled post-consumer content and recycle them back into food grade material. We do this every day at an industrial scale.”

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