The FUD Smoke Sausages have been unveiled by the brand just in time for summertime barbecues and aim to deliver a flavorful product that is made with unexpectedly savory ingredients. The sausages are made with premium smoked pork and turkey that has been paired with Tapatío Salsa Picante Hot Sauce for a burst of flavorful, fiery heat. The sausages come in packs of six and are perfect for foodies seeking to up their game at summertime get-togethers with family and friends alike.

Marketing Director for Sigma J.J. Tellez spoke on the new FUD Smoke Sausages saying, “We’re thrilled to partner with Tapatío. We know consumers crave to personalize their food and, even more, to experiment with spice. Our collaboration will expand into products that will delight consumers with new flavor alternatives that will create more tasty moments to enjoy FUD and Tapatío together, surprising with pairings that many families have been doing at home.”

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