The New Coca-Cola Print Ads are Quite Impactful in a Subtle Manner

In conjunction with the soda giant, marketing firm David the Agency launched a range of Coca-Cola print ads that are visually striking. By focussing very intensely on the fizziness of the drink, as well as the opening of a can or a bottle, the company is able to tap an auditory sensation in the viewer. Of course, it would be an imagined sound, however, Forbes states that “Coca-Cola can get away with this trick due to customers’ ‘visceral familiarity’ with the ‘Coke experience.'”

The hyper-focused Coca-Cola print ads are supplemented with a subtle, tongue-in-cheek nudge from the soda giant. The prompt ‘Try Not To Hear This’ appears in each photograph. Quite minimalist and specific, this campaign is bound to deliver a winning combination between the execution of the marketing technique and the entity of the business.

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