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In-Car Burger Deliveries : burger delivery

In-Car Burger Deliveries : burger delivery


In-Car Burger Deliveries : burger delivery


Burger King’s Whopper are Now Available to Individuals Stuck in Traffic

Burger King has extensively played around with the imaginative burger delivery — one instance included the fast food restaurant mailing mystery boxes to DoorDash customers. A new venture of the business in this area is the ‘Traffic Jam Whopper,’ available in Mexico City.

Burger King taps into real-time traffic data to determine lengthily congested areas in the city. Via digital billboards, the chain captures consumers’ attention, making them aware that burger delivery is a thing. Individuals who feel snacky can order through the Burger King app and have their meal brought directly to their car. Varying charges for delivery apply and they are dependant on where one is stuck in traffic.

This burger delivery service is made possible through a collaboration with ad agency We Believers.


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