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Immersive AR Wine Labels : Siduri Holographic Experience

Immersive AR Wine Labels : Siduri Holographic Experience


Immersive AR Wine Labels : Siduri Holographic Experience

Siduri Winery is introducing the Siduri Holographic Experience to invite wine lovers into an immersive and educational storytelling experience. The photorealistic holographic augmented reality experience created with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios technology can be accessed by hyperlink and soon, the winery’s bottles via QR code, so that they can be introduced to a holographic version of founder Adam Lee, who will provide insights into the 25-year old winery.The experience is designed to be highly accessible to anyone with a mobile device, and it offers a reminder that wine need not be serious or snobby. Patrick Johnson, CEO of Rock Paper Reality, who collaborated with Siduri Winery, says: “With our AR expertise and Microsoft’s volumetric capture technology, the holographic projections once only possible in films like ‘Star Wars’ can now be experienced by anyone, anytime—no downloads, no applications, no friction.”Image Credit: Siduri Winery

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