The Peperami Smokin’ Chicken Bites are a new offering from the Jack Link’s-owned brand that will provide consumers a way to fuel up when looking for an option that’s healthy and satisfying. The meat snack is achieved with chicken that has been oven-baked instead of fried and seasoned to perfection, which adds to its flavor and crunch profile. The chicken snack has just 103kcals per 50 gram serving and is targeted towards young adults seeking out a more nutritionally complete option to nibble on. Marketing Manager at Peperami Pavan Chandra spoke on the Peperami Smokin’ Chicken Bites saying, “Smokin’ Chicken Bites demonstrate our continued commitment to product innovation, and bringing new, exciting products to the meat snacking category, as well as reaching a wider demographic. As the UK’s number one meat snacking brand, Peperami’s innovative flavour combinations cater to its loyal meat-head fans while adapting to the evolving consumer market, and Smokin’ Chicken Bites does just this as an exciting new product with a wide audience appeal.”

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