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THC-Infused Fruit Snacks : Fruit Slabs

THC-Infused Fruit Snacks : Fruit Slabs


THC-Infused Fruit Snacks : Fruit Slabs


Fruit Slabs are a Fun, Flavorful Option for Adult Consumers to Enjoy

Fruit snacks are associated with young consumers, but the Fruit Slabs snacks aim to change this with a profile that makes them a flavorful option that’s just for adults. The entirely plant-based snack is made with organic ingredients and features a tropical flavor with a chewy texture that aims to pay homage to the fruit snacks adults would have enjoyed as children. The guilt-free edibles are infused with 10mg of THC per square to make them a tasty way to enjoy cannabis that’s available for purchase at participating dispensaries in California.

Fruit Slabs come in four flavors including Grape Ape, Tropical Haze, Mango Maui Wowie and OG Mango, which are all lab-tested to ensure optimal profile for consumers to safely enjoy.


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