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Interactive 3D Glass Packaging : Ardagh Group

Interactive 3D Glass Packaging : Ardagh Group


Interactive 3D Glass Packaging : Ardagh Group


Ardagh Group Unveils a 3D CAD System with Interactive Experiences

Ardagh Group launched a unique interactive three-dimensional glass packaging experience that invites consumers to explore its packaging products using a 360° feature. It is an online product catalog that gives clients the opportunity to turn, flip, drag, and look inside each glass container.

The dimensional tool allows them to gain a better understanding of each sizing, shape, and suitability for their decorative process. It also gives clients the chance to better visualize what their prospective products would look like on shelves. As of April 17th, Ardagh Group has over 600 glass jar and bottle designs modeled to be activated on the interactive platform. The European glass catalog features a wide range of glass structures, sizing, and color options as well.


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