Burger King’s ‘Real Meals’ Support Mental Health Awareness Month

For the Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Burger King created a campaign centered around ‘Real Meals,’ which are boldly colored boxed meals that let customers order based on how they feel that day. As part of the campaign, Burger King takes a jab at an iconic product by a competing fast food chain and acknowledges that “No one is happy all the time.” The Real Meals that can be ordered from Burger King include the Pissed Meal, Salty Meal, Blue Meal, YAAAS Meal and DGAF Meal, each of which is tied to a different emotional state.

In partnership with Mental Health America, Burger King is shedding light on mental health awareness and is even going as far to change its tagline for the campaign from “Have It Your Way” to “Feel Your Way.”

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