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Limited-Edition Seasonal Sodas

Limited-Edition Seasonal Sodas


Limited-Edition Seasonal Sodas

The OLIPOP Blackberry Vanilla soda is a new limited-edition offering from the brand that will provide consumers with a special way to quench their thirst this holiday season. The soda calls to mind high-quality homemade desserts in a refreshing manner and is positioned perfectly with the brand’s other flavor options. The tonic has five grams of natural sugar per serving along with 10 grams of fiber and just 50 calories per can.Co-Founder and Formulator Ben Goodwin explained the new OLIPOP Blackberry Vanilla soda further saying, “Our customers from around the US have been asking us for a blackberry flavor. As a kid, we lived in a house with this gigantic blackberry bush in the backyard. I’d pick them fresh and eat way too many, or make blackberry pies with my mom. In my 20s, whenever I went hiking, I’d stop at wild blackberry bushes and enjoy picking and eating them straight off the plant. Today, when I hike in and around Santa Cruz, I often walk past blackberry shrubs and they bring back fond memories.”

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