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Mediative AR Experiences : AR Experiences

Mediative AR Experiences : AR Experiences


Mediative AR Experiences : AR Experiences


Yakult’s Magic Mirror Activation Explores the Science of Breathing

To share its message on the Science of Wellbeing, Yakult is diving into its first foray into AR experiences with the augmented reality Magic Mirror. The activation offers an experiential way for people to learn about the science of breathing with a 30-second breathing activity.

To begin, a person standing in front of the augmented reality Magic Mirror is able to tap the on-screen Yakult bottle and take a moment to center themselves, calm their mind and focus on just their breath for just a few seconds. As Yakult is a sweetened probiotic milk beverage, the wellness-centered AR experience provides a moment of relaxation that ties into its Japanese origins.

While many brands are turning to meditative experiences to help consumers feel a bit better in their daily lives, this exercise offers a non-intimidating way for people in public to center themselves instantly.


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