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Meme-Inspired Music Ads : spotify ad

Meme-Inspired Music Ads : spotify ad


Meme-Inspired Music Ads : spotify ad


Spotify Ads Tap Internet Culture to Spark Enjoyment Among Users

Meme culture is definitely a full-fledged form of communication in the digital age and these Spotify ads utilize its language to inspire a smile on music lover’s faces. Launched as a global marketing campaign, the subscription-based streaming service has selected some of the most high-performing and popular meme formats, reinterpreting them from the perspective of the business across billboards in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands. Roll out in other countries is still underway.

From the tongue-in-cheek ‘Me, Also Me’ assets to the Spotify ads that suggest songs based on the mood one is in, the visuals undertake a uniform aesthetic, while the content is amusing and well-executed. In addition, these Spotify ads are also supplemented with a few videos of “relatable micro-moments.”


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