The Wedding Crocs are a Lavish Extension of an Iconic Silhouette

These wedding Crocs are made available at $103.57 USD. The lavish silhouette features a sequenced upper that captures the attention of passers-by with its sparkling properties.

The clog shoe has become somewhat like a pop cultural phenomenon, where creatives are consistently encouraged by their fans to deliver far-reaching, daring and sometimes quite ridiculous designs. Aside from the obvious implications of comfortability, the ironic factor is what keeps the Croc-style shoe in the public consciousness. From Goth Crocs to Grass Crocs, the imaginative touch in the extensive range of products is quite intriguing, so much so that it becomes a social media phenomenon.

As an Etsy designer releases the wedding Crocs, Twitter users, for example, become infatuated with the strikingly daring and unconventional fashionable venture.

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