Island Premiums are Made with Custom Biodegradable Filters

Island Premiums’ incredibly stylish pre-roll packaging is taken to new heights with a design-forward aesthetic that heavily relies on modern influences and a cheerful color palette. The premium joints are handcrafted using custom biodegradable filters, giving the product an eco-friendly edge. Each one weighs at .75 grams.

Island Premiums offers two artisanal strains — Sativa and CBD. The cannabis is sourced ethically, naturally and locally, with no influence and vicinity to GMO factors. The chromatic pre-roll packaging contains either two or six joints. The THC levels are somewhere between 16 and 18 percent and the concentration makes for a “light and relaxing experience.”

With its artisanal pre-rolls and packaging, Island Premiums hopes to elevate “the world’s oldest smoking tradition” and seamlessly transport it to the narrative of the contemporary society.

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