A gigantic billboard adorns a spot in the desert in California. The attention-captivating marketing stunt is arranged by beloved contemporary streetwear label Stüssy.

The message is minimalist, playful, and magnanimous. The contrast between white and black only accents the intent behind it. The words ‘LIVIN’ EXTRA LARGE’ are distributed across two back-to-back gigantic billboards. This design decision subtly relates to the connotative meaning of the saying, which is also considered to be part of Stüssy’s ethos as a brand.

Seeing a product opportunity along with its marketing campaign, Stüssy releases a t-shirt design with the same language as its gigantic billboard. Set across a crisp white silhouette, the words ‘LIVIN’ EXTRA LARGE’ wrap around a t-shirt. This garment will be available for purchase on August 2nd.

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