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Paper-Made Juice Box Straws : paper straw

Paper-Made Juice Box Straws : paper straw


Paper-Made Juice Box Straws : paper straw


Tetra Pak Has Developed a Paper Straw to Curb Plastic Use

A new paper straw has been developed by Tetra Pak to accompany its beverage cartons in a bid to help offer packaging that’s made from more plant-based materials.

The straw itself is crafted from FSC-certified paper and intended to be recycled alongside the rest of the carton, which puts a focus on convenience for consumers to appreciate. The straw will be initially used on the brand’s beverage and dairy products for kids including the Tetra Brik Aseptic 200 Base and the Tetra Brik Aseptic 200 Base Crystal.

The new packaging innovation was explained by President and CEO of Tetra Oak Adolfo Orive who said, “We are pleased to have developed a paper straw that is fully functional and meets internationally recognised food safety standards. This is an important step in our vision to deliver a package made entirely from plant-based packaging materials, contributing to a low-carbon circular economy.”


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