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Branded Pajama Overalls : pajama overalls

Branded Pajama Overalls : pajama overalls


Branded Pajama Overalls : pajama overalls

Bud Light’s Pajameralls Were Created as a Comfortable Party Outfit

Bud Light is now selling pairs of branded pajama overalls—officially dubbed ‘Pajameralls’—that were designed to be “a comfy pair of overalls that don’t require clothes underneath.” Although the outlandish garment is fit for lounging at home, Bud Light expressly created boldly tropical floral print style to be sported at parties. Like a classic pair of overalls, the offbeat and unisex design includes straps that can be adjusted for the perfect fit. ‘The One-Ups’ Bud Light pajameralls are named as such to help people one-up the people around them at parties with their bold and unconventional sense of style.

In collaboration with apparel brand Shinesty, Bud Light is not only selling The One-Ups pajama overalls but also other quirky designs like the Short Sleeve Bud Light Blazer and branded Bud Light swimwear.

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