For a limited time this summer, online plant delivery shop Patch is taking bookings for the Patch Plant Hotel—the world’s very first hotel for plants. The hotel serves as a free and secure place for plants to be taken for high-quality, customized care while their plant parents enjoy a break. Knowing that some of its guests will need time in the sun and others prefer spots in the shade, the Patch Plant Hotel accommodates all of its green guests accordingly.

Plant parents can feel good about the fact that their plants will be carefully watered and fed with Patch’s “seasonal menu of 100% organic, vegan plant food.”

As Patch CEO Freddie Blackett describes, “We all know the crushing disappointment when you return from holiday to find your plant has gone from green lusciousness, to a burnt, dry bunch of twigs. We wanted to open the hotel to give a helping hand to the increasing number of ‘plant parents.'”

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