The New teaRIOT Drinks Boost Energy Using Natural Ingredients

The alternative energy market is continuing to increase as consumers seek out ways to enhance their alertness, which is seeing new options like the teaRIOT drinks be introduced.

Made with freshly brewed tea and a series of botanicals, the drinks are reported to deliver a boost to energy levels without the large amount of sugar, caffeine and other unwanted ingredients found in alternatives. Each of the drinks are infused with 100mg of L-theanine that’s naturally found in tea as well as caffeine, which will boost alertness without causing a crash later on.

The teaRIOT drinks come in five flavor options including Hibiscus Glow, Matcha Rise, Lemon Yerba Mate, Cider Kick and Turmeric Shine. The brand was recently chosen as a participant in the Chobani Incubator.

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