Solero Organic Peach Pops are Packaged in Cardboard Sleeves

The new packaging for the Solero Organic Peach Pops is being launched in the UK by Unilever to help reduce the amount of plastic waste created by the product. Instead of being individually wrapped, the frozen treats will be contained in a polyethylene-coated cardboard that is widely accepted in existing recycling programs across the UK. The new packaging will be tested exclusively through retailer Ocado starting on June 17 to gauge consumer response.

VP of Refreshment oat Unilever Noel Clarke spoke on the new Solero Organic Peach Pops packaging saying, “As we head towards summer, we’ve listened to our customers and are working hard to rethink plastic packaging for our ice cream ranges. We’re delighted to be trialling this wrapper-less Solero multipack with Ocado in the UK. If successful and the feedback from customers is positive, this innovative pack could reduce the amount of plastic we use in the future to package our ice creams.”

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