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Poetic Chocolate Branding : CASA BOSQUES

Poetic Chocolate Branding : CASA BOSQUES


Poetic Chocolate Branding : CASA BOSQUES


SAVVY STUDIO Outfits CASA BOSQUES with a Charismatic Branding Identity

The ethereal essence of CASA BOSQUES’ chocolates is communicated in the brand’s extraordinary packaging and identity-boosting materials. The aesthetic for the company has been carefully arranged by SAVVY STUDIO who turns to poetry and places for an inspirational kick.

Each flavor that is a part of CASA BOSQUES’ offerings is analogous to “a single moment and circumstance.” The packaging features a mixed-material approach, as well as visual and lyrical prompts that are lent to the viewer to construct meaning around. Because of this, the crafting of the client’s identity becomes an artistic project. With this approach, SAVVY STUDIO is bound to attract attention to CASA BOSQUES’ chocolates. The chic package does not only allow for a unique tasting experience, but it also embraces sentimentality and creativity in their purest forms.


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