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Prepackaged Serving Gravies : microwaveable gravy pots

Prepackaged Serving Gravies : microwaveable gravy pots


Prepackaged Serving Gravies : microwaveable gravy pots


The New Bistro Microwaveable Gravy Pots are Ready in One Minute

The Bistro Microwaveable Gravy Pots have been announced by Premier Foods as a new product for time-poor consumers who are seeking out a convenient yet delicious way to enhance their favorite meals. The prepackaged gravy pots are positioned as the perfect option for mid-week consumption by individuals, those with busy lifestyles and families who might not have the time to eat together. The gravy can be easily tossed into the microwave to get ready for consumption in just one minute and comes in packages of four servings.

The inspiration behind the Bistro Microwaveable Gravy Pots was explained by Brand Manager for Bistro Kate McGrath who said, “People’s lifestyles are constantly changing and it’s impacting the way we eat; busy lives are leading to the need for more and more convenient meal solutions. This format enables people to enjoy the product in more ways than before and is perfectly suited to mid-week mealtimes of all types. With roughly 1 million meal occasions that could, but don’t currently, include gravy – such as pies, sausages and mash, and roast dinners – this convenient pot format is the solution to unlock these new usage occasions within gravy.”


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