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sparkling Water in a Can

sparkling Water in a Can


sparkling Water in a Can


bubly is PepsiCo’s Sparkling Water in a Can That Comes in Two Sizes

Sparkling water in a can has a few perks. Not only are the contents quite refreshing, able to quench one’s thirst in a matter of seconds, but the can is transportation-friendly and spill-proof. PepsiCo has definitely captured consumer attention with its bubly — the brand’s take on the fizzy beverage. Now, the company is going one step further to assure optimal portability and enjoyment through a can that is a little bit more compact.

Available since mid-July, PepsiCo’s sparkling water in a can boasts a new package that is smaller and more ideal to have on-the-go or to pack in a lunchbox. At 7.5 oz, the bubly minis are available at grocery and mass retail stores in the U.S. The flavors that consumers can choose from include cherry, blackberry, orange, and strawberry.


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