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Pride Month Botanical Ciders : Lover Boi

Pride Month Botanical Ciders : Lover Boi


Pride Month Botanical Ciders : Lover Boi


Shacksbury Cider’s New ‘Lover Boi’ Cider Marks Pride Month

In honor of Pride Month, Vermont’s Shacksbury Cider has teamed up with the queer-owned vermouth producer Butch Judy, to create a special new drink called ‘Lover Boi.’ Not only is the botanical-infused cider a delicious drink for summer, but the collaboration helps to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

Lover Boi is a special Pride Month project created by Shacksbury cidery and Butch Judy’s. The drink starts with one of Shacksbury’s barrel-aged ciders and combines it with vermouth and botanicals to create a complex floral treat. In terms of taste, the cidery explains that there are “notes of rye whiskey combine with hibiscus, mace, and pink peppercorn.”

Beyond taste, one of the best parts about Lover Boi is the can design by Kia LaBeija of the legendary House of LaBeija. The House of LaBeija was at the center of New York City’s 70s drag scene and an important piece of history for the LGBTQ community.

Image Credits: Shacksbury Cider.


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