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the search of a lifetime

the search of a lifetime


the search of a lifetime


Coca-Cola’s The Search of a Lifetime Helps with Decision Fatigue

Coca-Cola recently expanded its product range in Israel and bolstered this release with The Search of a Lifetime, a campaign to help relieve young people of decision fatigue. As it is estimated that the average person makes over 30,000 choices in a single day, Coca-Cola set out to help people make all sorts of decisions—big and small.

Coca-Cola worked with Google and Glickman Shamir Samsonov Publicis to determine some of the top online searches from Israeli youth and match them with search engine-friendly content on topics like working, studying, traveling and more. Beyond this, even more content was created to support those looking to dive even deeper into a topic.

Now that consumers have more choices than ever before when it comes to buying their Coca-Cola beverage of choice, The Search of a Lifetime helps to ease some of the strain of other daily and lifetime decisions.


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