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Sports-Themed Voice Insurance : Raptors Voice Insurance

Sports-Themed Voice Insurance : Raptors Voice Insurance


Sports-Themed Voice Insurance : Raptors Voice Insurance


Aviva Launches ‘Raptors Voice Insurance’ To Protect Your Roar

In an effort to help Toronto Raptors fans save their voice from all the recent cheering, Aviva, a UK-based insurance company, has launched a Raptors Voice Insurance — a website that speaks on behalf of fans.

The online platform allows users to choose between male and female voices with token Canadian sayings like “Double, Double Please” and “Can you believe this weather?” The launch ensures fans can save their voice for cheering, rather than waste it throughout the day. In case fans happen to lose their voice during game-day, Aviva’s Raptors Voice Insurance is there to help with sayings like “We the North,” “Let’s GO Raptors,” and more.

By honing in on Toronto’s tribalism tendencies to be allegiant to groups formed around common interests, Aviva has successfully incorporated its insurance-based model with current events. The interactive website is a playful take on sports and insurance.


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