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Professional Vegan Bacon Tasters : bacon taster

Professional Vegan Bacon Tasters : bacon taster


Professional Vegan Bacon Tasters : bacon taster

Swedish food start-up Raging Pig Co. is opening up a remote position for a professional vegan bacon taster who will be paid $10,000 to put its vegan bacon seasoning on all of their meals for 30 days. As the entry-level position is a remote one, anyone in the world can apply, so long as they are open to learning about animal, human, and environmental rights. To help the Professional Vegan Bacon-ifer do their job, Raging Pig Co. will be supplying 22 pounds of its vegan bacon seasoning product and also sharing a 20% lifetime discount on its products. The job requires the Professional Vegan Bacon-ifer to make their own food, season it with the alternative bacon seasoning and of course, share their creations with the world on social media.Image Credit: Raging Pig Co.

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