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Collective Insurance Providers : collective insurance

Collective Insurance Providers : collective insurance


Collective Insurance Providers : collective insurance

As a collective insurance provider, Laka remains ahead of the curve in terms of accessibility. The brand does not charge a fixed sum every month but, instead, calculates the premium based on the actual cost of claims. In turn, your maximum contribution will be capped but payments will vary and some months you might not have to pay anything. While 80% of the funds are put into use to fix or support someone’s recovery, the other 20% keep Laka afloat. Laka’s collective insurance is specific to cyclists. Individuals are able to cover the theft, damage, or loss of bike, as well as be supported by the brand’s recovery plan which taps “only the best specialists and treatments following an accident or injury.” This grants access to sports and endurance professionals, wellness services “from physio to dental to mental,” as well as virtual GPs for a more efficient experience. The collective insurance provider recently rebranded in order to challenge “the notion of misfortune and mistrust often associated with the insurance sector.” Branding agency Ragged Edge headed the project and was successful in creating a playfully colorful identity.

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