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Recyclable Aluminum Water Packaging

Recyclable Aluminum Water Packaging


Recyclable Aluminum Water Packaging

The RAIN Water Company has announced new recyclable aluminum water packaging that will help the brand to reduce its use of plastic and position its product as a more sustainable alternative for consumers to choose. The packaging is achieved with a 100% aluminum construction that is completely recyclable and is positioned as a far better alternative to plastic. This comes in response to news that plastic has been found to be recycled less than 10% of the time, while aluminum has a far better rate at 67%.The RAIN Water Company spoke on the new recyclable aluminum water packaging in a statement explaining that, “Consumers have long been told that plastic packaging is okay, provided that it is recycled. With plastic recycling rates not breaking single digits, it is quite difficult to think that this act can help reduce plastic waste. Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet and reused repeatedly. Aluminum bottles, when recycled, will be back on the shelf or made into a pick-up truck like an F150 within 60 days – the opportunities are endless.”

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