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Fruity Festive Chocolate Treats

Fruity Festive Chocolate Treats


Fruity Festive Chocolate Treats

The Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cranberry bar is a new offering from the Carambar & Co.-owned brand that will provide consumers with a fruit-forward way to enhance their favorite traditions. The bar builds on the popularity of the original Terry’s Chocolate Orange flavor and infuses a burst of seasonal cranberry flavor into the mix to further enhance the fruity profile. The bar is being launched alongside the returning Milk and Dark Balls as well as the Terry’s White Chocolate Orange.Commercial Director at SHS Sales & Marketing Andrew Freestone spoke on the new Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cranberry bar saying, “Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a hugely well recognised and treasured part of Christmas, whether that’s as a stocking filler, a last-minute gift or just to enjoy on the sofa on a cold winter’s night. We know Terry’s Chocolate Orange represents both planned and impulse purchases so by ensuring that they have the breadth across the range and with some creative merchandising, retailers have the opportunity to drive incremental sales and profits.”

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