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Reduced Plastic Snack Packaging : Kettle Brand chips

Reduced Plastic Snack Packaging : Kettle Brand chips


Reduced Plastic Snack Packaging : Kettle Brand chips


Kettle Brand Chips will Now be Packaged with 43% Less Plastic

Plastic is continuing to cause concern on a global basis given how pervasive it is in the market and how it’s affecting the environment, so brands are taking initiatives as seen with this new innovation from Kettle Brand chips.

The brand has unveiled a new packaging at the Natural Products Expo West that has a three-film design instead of its traditional five-layer packaging. This results in a 43% reduction in the amount of plastic used, while also helping the brand to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 51% on a yearly basis.

Senior Brand Manager for Kettle Brand Julie Balzer spoke on the new initiative saying, “The fact of the matter is, packaging—be that for food or otherwise—is taking a measurable toll on the planet. While we continue to look for fully recyclable or biodegradable options that still protect product quality and work within our recycling systems, our immediate focus is on reducing our impact overall. This latest version represents a significant improvement, while also making it much easier to open our bags – something fans have long asked for.”

Image Credit: Kettle Brand


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