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Anime Character-Themed Coffees : Hi-Hat Mocha

Anime Character-Themed Coffees : Hi-Hat Mocha


Anime Character-Themed Coffees : Hi-Hat Mocha


7-Eleven’s Hi-Hat Mocha Celebrates the Release of Detective Pikachu

To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated film ‘Detective Pikachu,’ 7-Eleven has created a special drink called the Hi-Hat Mocha. Of course, you’ll need to know a bit about the movie to get the reference.

The new Hi-Hat Mocha is named after the Hi-Hat cafe, which is the favorite coffee spot of Detective Pikachu in the new movie. Of course, this new drink isn’t just your average coffee. The Hi-Hat Mocha combines chocolate and coffee flavors, along with steamed milk and a bit of frothy foam on top. At select 7-Eleven locations, you can also add a pump of chocolate sauce, as well as some Pikachu-inspired yellow and white sprinkles.

While you’re picking up your Hi-Hat Mocha, you can also grab some of 7-Eleven’s limited-time Detective Pikachu merchandise.

Image Credits: 7-Eleven.


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