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Relaxing Social Channels : relaxing stuff

Relaxing Social Channels : relaxing stuff


Relaxing Social Channels : relaxing stuff


LADbible and Three are Sharing ‘Relaxing Stuff’ Across Social Media

LADbible and Three mobile network joined forces to create ‘Relaxing Stuff’ content for social media for sharing across various platforms. Inspired by autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), Relaxing Stuff includes everything from soothing audio and animations to puzzles and video content, all with a purpose of improving wellness by sharing calming moments through technology. Some of the content that can be seen on Relaxing Stuff include dogs in the wind, putty being stretched and celebrities reading fan fiction written about themselves in hushed voices.

Although fun, lighthearted and unconventional, this channel supports thousands of people who are stressed-out and in need of self-care.

Relaxing Stuff can be found on a multi-platform content channel on Facebook, Instagram and a dedicated website, as well as LADbible’s Snapchat channel.


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