Instagram’s Viral ‘Overheard LA’ is Creating an ‘Overheard Post’

Millions of people follow ‘Overheard LA’ on Instagram to see some of the ridiculous and relatable things that people in Los Angeles are saying to one another—and soon, people will be able to read this social media content offline in the form of ‘Overheard Post,’ a physical newspaper.

In Los Angeles, just 7,500 copies of the free Overheard Post, a satirical newspaper that offers humor that specifically appeals to Millennials. The printed newspaper includes obituaries for certain parts of pop culture and even a Millennial weather report that details how moods tend to change with the temperature. As well as featuring articles and a crystal of the month, Overheard Post also explores a new way for the online account to make revenue with printed ads from partners like Bumble, Pop Chips and Parachute.

Image Credit: Shelby Bryant

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