Zaxby’s is Serving a New Mello Yello Unidentified Fizzy Object Drink

To celebrate the upcoming release of ‘Men in Black: International,’ Zaxby’s has launched the new Mello Yello Unidentified Fizzy Object Freestyle drink. While the name may be a mouthful, this new drink is worth adding to your next Zaxby’s order.

As part of a partnership with Sony Pictures, Zaxby’s has created two limited-edition products that celebrate the fourth ‘Men in Black’ movie. The new Cosmic Chocolate Cookie is a gooey chocolate cookie, studded with both chocolate chips and green candy-coated chocolates. Zaxby’s is also launching the new Coca-Cola Mello Yello Unidentified Fizzy Object Freestyle drink, which is a bright green, citrus-flavored Coca-Cola Freestyle drink. As Zaxby’s Chief Marketing Officer Joel Bulger explains, “We’re thrilled to team up with Sony Pictures for ‘Men in Black: International’ and offer unique menu items that bring the movie experience into our restaurants.”

Image Credits: Zaxby’s.

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